Wednesday, July 13, 2011

wedding overload

ok, so it feels like i woke up the other day and realized that i'm actually getting married in less than three months! (87 days to be exact) wedding planning is strange due to the fact that you rush rush rush in the beginning to lock down a date and venue and then book all the big vendors (like photographer, etc.) then you just sorta stop... and wait... and in my case avoid all wedding related tv shows, magazines, conversations (is this weird? i have no idea but i think i was overwhelmed by the whole thing and sort of begged to just elope for a few months ;)

so anyways, i am back in the game now and have thankfully hired some lovely wedding coordinators that have already been extremely helpful (at least with making me feel a lot better about all that i have gotten done). it's all about the details now and i'm now trying to figure how what i want the bouquets to look like, what shoes i'll wear, and how the tables will look. this part lends itself to my more crafty side nicely so i'm trying to tackle a few larger projects now and get them out of the way well ahead of the wedding. these include screen printing canvas welcome bags to greet hotel guests (i start these tonight!) and making table runners. invitations are also in and are going out very soon!

the images above are some of my current inspiration that i have been collected on my wedding board over at pinterest. feel free to follow me ;)

and if any crafty brides out there have any tips to manage the DIY aspects of a wedding please share any and all advice!

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