Thursday, July 21, 2011

so what can i really say?

it is HOT. really HOT. i saw this great article by Mark Bittman with a variety of ice pop recipes to help you stay cool. i think all the boozy ones sound pretty damn good, so i must try them ASAP. are you brave enough to try coconut curry?

as for now it appears that most of the continental US is in the same boat of oppressive temps and high heat indices. so i feel that i can freely admit that i am not the biggest fan of summer. this declaration is always met with such strong opposition (how could you say this? but the SNOW!?) honestly though, if i was made to choose i would always rather be freezing cold that swelteringly hot. maybe i just really hate to sweat?

so what about you? are you completely on board with all summer has to offer, humidity and all? or are you more of a transitional season lover? i personally love fall and enjoy the coziness of winter (i love a good snowstorm, what can i say?)

1 comment:

  1. fall and spring all the way. hot summer and frigid winter can forget about me! ugh.


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