Tuesday, July 26, 2011

all of my muscles hurt. in a good way.

ok, so i used to be in a lot better shape. i used to regularly go to the gym and was obsessed with an hour long aerobics class called "Body Attack". i also used to regularly attend bikram yoga (the hot hot hot one) classes up to 4 times a week. once i even pretended i was going to get into running and i ran most days along a lovely path by the canal (turns out i HATE running. how on earth do people quiet their minds?! i used to run for exactly the length of an episode of this american life...).

this all seems like once upon a time these days as i struggle to find enough time to put together a decent dinner. without a gym membership and a refusal to revive my failed running attempts during a heat wave, i've been struggling to find a way to get back into shape (especially with my wedding only a mere 73 days away...)

this all changed about a week ago when i finally ordered the above DVDs by Jillian Michaels (of Biggest Loser fame). i had heard such good things about her videos and they were so cheap on amazon, so there wasn't really an excuse not to give them a try. and OH MY. they will kick your ass. in the best way possible. after only a 20min (!) workout on the 30 Day Shred video, I could hardly walk downstairs the next day. it's felt pretty good to get up early and get a workout done before i head out to work and i am feeling much better already.

just wanted to share ;) do you work out? what do you do and how do you find time during the week?


  1. Hi, Jess,

    Just read your engagement story at Cup of Jo. How sweet that he glued marry me into the boggle set! I always loved Boggle and still do...

    As far as working out, lately I've been jumping in the ocean and fighting the waves!

    xo xo from an academic and her scientist (meteorology) in Miami Beach

  2. ^^MissBliss I may be seeing you around as I'm moving to Miami (North Miami Beach properly, but close enough) in less than a week!

    I'm pretty sure I mentioned at least once that I run - I barely have had time recently since the previously-mentioned event has been soaking up all my energy ... On a normal day I usually fit in a run after work and before dinner - Seems to work best for me as I am NOT a morning person ... ;)

    I've been looking for some good core workouts to supplement my running and yoga seems to be something that could work for me - Should look into it!


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