Friday, July 22, 2011

a little bit of this and that for the weekend

thank goodness it is friday! i am so completely ready for the weekend, it was kind of a rough week. SIGH. tonight we're headed to the phillies game (in 103 degree weather? umm sure...) and then tomorrow i'm headed up to new york state for my cousin's bridal shower.

now for some great stuff i wanted to share before i head off for some much needed decompression...

-- new song FINALLY from St. Vincent! can stream it here. can't wait to see her again in november.

-- have you seen this awesome photography project, dear photograph? and yea, some made me teary (i cry at everything)

-- great photography can also be found over at Life (like the one pictured above - see european vacationers have been doing jumping photos for decades ;)

-- also this past week one of my favorite painters Lucian Freud passed away so go revel in and celebrate his amazing work

hope you all have great plans for the weekend and make sure you STAY COOL!

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