Tuesday, July 19, 2011

wanted: more hours in the day

clock with attitude by CyberMoon

it is only tuesday and i am already feeling majorly EXHAUSTED (also probably related to the intense sinus pressure that will not quit and makes me feel all loopy). there is so much to do at work and every night of the week seems booked with something to do (how did this happen?)

so i was wondering, how do you spend most of your days? are you in school? self-employed? work 9-5?

my daily schedule looks like this most days

6:30-7am: wake up
8am: leave for work (commuting by car....)
9am-6pm: work
7pm: arrive home (finally!)
8pm-11pm: make dinner (or go out to dinner if we are lazy), work on etsy stuff, go to art class (on wed), try and clean perpetually messy apt, workout (?), read, make headway on wedding planning, catch my breath....
11pm: watch the daily show ;)
12am: head to bed

sometimes it varies and i work a little longer (and sometimes shorter!) i've been commuting for a little over a year now and while i love living in philly and with bryan it does make my day a lot longer (thank goodness for NPR). when i finally finish grad school (in a year?) , my only hope is find a job close to wear i live and accessible by public transportation. also if i'm completely honest, i think i'd like my first placement to be part-time, because frankly i am tired after what will be 21+ years of school.

so, just wondering, how are your days? do you have free time to do what you want? what would you do if you had more time (i would go to yoga everyday!)?


  1. I used to commute to NYC from New Haven, CT everyday. One thing I found out, no matter how much time you have, it's never enough to do everything you want.

  2. What are you thinking of doing for a job? I'm always interested to hear about post-grad school plans! And part time SOUNDS AWESOME.


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