Friday, July 29, 2011

have a beautiful weekend!

it's going to be another busy busy weekend here for me and the boy. there's lots of wedding related things to tackle such as the food tasting, my dress fitting, and even a trip up to NYC on sunday to pick out our wedding bands (!). so i'll be on the go most of the time, but hope i can at least fit some time in to go food shopping (we have had a bare fridge and pantry for far too long).

i'm also excited to announce that i'll be participating in the August Break organized by Susannah Conway starting on Monday. basically it's just sharing one photo a day for the entire month. i'm hoping this challenge will help me get back into the habit of carrying my camera with me and taking more photos. if you want to join in, go check it out here ;)

hope you have wonderful plans!

photo source: pinterest


  1. what a fun image. & i'm also going to do the august break, quite excited for it.

    happy weekend to you.

  2. mm, i love retro swimsuits. the shapes are so great. hope you're having a great weekend and that the wedding planning is going smoothly! i'm so busy with mine too- things are getting down to the wire for sure. <3

  3. just saw a suit like the white one here in a South Beach shop window-- in a great purple... cute pic


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