Friday, July 8, 2011


allow me to nerd out for a little, but the final launch of NASA's 30 year space shuttle program is set to lift off in a little under two hours from now (weather permitting of course). i'm always happy to see a lot of excitement and interest over what is essentially a giant science experiment, so i'm a little sad to see the program end. at last year's annual department retreat held at the university i attend, our keynote speaker was the director of NASA's jet propulsion lab. even though as a biologist i have little understanding of what that actually means, she gave such an excellent talk and really conveyed the importance of the role of the work done in space (such as launching and maintaining the satellites that allow for tracking and predicting weather patterns as well as monitoring for climate change and other important geological changes).

so here's wishing all of the astronauts a safe trip and in their honor i've collected a few space-related finds for this friday ;)

1. galaxy dress
2. meteorite necklace by the angry weather
3. print by Ditty Drops
4. astronaut cat tote by Lucius Art

UPDATE: lift off!

woo! watch video footage here and feel like a kid ;)

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  1. love love this post :) you can geek out any time! oh wow, lucky to hear her speak. yay for nerds everywhere.


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