Thursday, July 28, 2011

umm what was that??

ok, so i must address this. have you seen this ad yet? i saw it when it played at the movie theater right before the feature started and i think the whole audience collectively choked on their popcorn (it was a chick flick so i think the majority of the audience was personally shocked). seriously as if tampon commercials weren't terrible enough!

oh and slight confession: i totally saw Friends with Benefits this weekend with my sister and i totally liked it and laughed a lot (i have crap taste, i know i know...)


  1. WHAT THE FUCK. Seriously!?!? How on earth does this make me want to rush out and pick up some vaginal cleanser??? I swear, marketing people must think all women are idiots.

  2. oh and dont worry, i just saw this on TELEVISION. no escaping.... sigh


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