Wednesday, July 20, 2011


so i have to admit that i am pretty scared of heights, thus making me an acrophobic. what's funny is that even though i don't dare going near a ledge and peering over, i absolutely cannot stand to watch other people do this as i'm terrified that they will fall. i have made some headway in recent years, i hiked to machu picchu and i've even finally gotten to the 400 level seats at a Phillies game. BUT this new photography craze of "rooftopping" is just a little bit too much to handle...

all of the work shown is by the photograher Tom Ryaboi

what are your biggest fears?

souce: the daily mail


  1. oh wow. that first photo is intense. i'm also quite fearful of heights but not to a point of crippling. i also can't stand frogs. gross. ugh. i freak out. bleh.

    thanks for sharing these photos. :)

  2. I am scared of heights too, and these photos are scary to me too (are they real?)
    Normal Sinus Rhythm

  3. those pics are scary!!...I think what I am afraid of is getting sick. I mean really sick..then I wouldn't be able to write, craft, photo, ride my bike etc...that would be torture!
    have a great day!


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