Friday, March 11, 2011

yoga (for less)

i love yoga (specifically bikram yoga - the hot one) but i'm the first to admit it's not the cheapest workout (classes near where i work are $14 a piece!). and yet i still pay for 90 minutes of glorious beneficial torture multiple times a week. it really is the best thing i do for myself.

so i thought i would share my tips for being a stylish and frugal yogi:

1. did you know that Forever 21 sells active wear? i got both of these adorable sports bras recently for a steal! they are ideal for a low impact sport like yoga and are so cute i get excited to head over to the studio to show them off.

2. sure you could head to lululemon and spend a lot on a great yoga mat. or you could head over to TJ Maxx or Marshalls (US bargain stores) for a steal on the same quality mat. i recently scored a great new mat with a carrying strap for $10!

3. for hot/bikram yoga i find that a great pair of moisture wicking shorts are essential. for as much as you sweat you really want to avoid absorbent cotton at all costs. these styles are available from athleta (for $34!) and lululemon. i scored some great shorts at an Aerie outlet for $2.50 each (NO JOKE), but it appears they have recently discontinued their line of activewear :(

4. fabric headbands are a lifesaver! i usually wear one during class and then throw a nice dry one on for the walk home. these great bright colors are from scunci and can be picked up at your local drug store for $5 a set.

5. hydration is key before and during class. to add a little something extra to my ice water, i always mix in a splash of Ceres passion fruit juice. SO REFRESHING. this juice is from south africa and can be found at most grocery stores for around $4.

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