Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i've been pinning

recent finds from my style board

1. color theory necklace @cursive design
2. top-drawer lace-ups @anthropologie
3. thunderbird maxi dress @needsupply
4. classic leather camera bag @photojojo

have you guys checked out Pinterest (probably, i'm always a little late to the party, haha)? it acts as a virtual bulletin board where you can collect all the lovely things you come across while browsing the internet. i'm just getting started over there, but i'm already loving it.

follow me!
and let me know where i can find you in the comments ;)


  1. such lovely things ! I love it , good choice !

  2. So many beautiful things! Pinterest is overwhelming sometimes, but oh so good:-) xoxo

  3. I just got into pinterest the other day (actually...I think it was yesterday) and I love it! Following you!

  4. I HEART pinterest!!! So glad to be following you :)

  5. That camera bag is fantastic! Wants!

    I'm following you on Pinterest now. :)


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