Sunday, March 20, 2011

recycled jersey necklaces

i got a little crafty today and decided to repurpose an old college t-shirt into yarn and make one of my laurel necklaces out of it. it was a lot of fun, even though bits of cotton jersey are all over my office now. i'm thinking this will be a nice way to slowly cut down on the boy's obscene t-shirt collection (seriously, why do boys have soo many t-shirts? and why won't they part with them?!).

undecided if i'm going to list this first charcoal grey creation in the shop yet. i'm sort of smitten ;)

(and yes i wear that ridiculous brightly printed sweatshirt all the time right now ;)

1 comment:

  1. um....this is totally genius!!!!! wow. what a great idea! and yes you should list these. well maybe not this one, but others like it. you deserve to keep the first one!!


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