Friday, March 18, 2011

helping japan.

i've been hesitant to mention Japan here on the blog. it is such a devastating situation and my heart has been breaking for all affected all week (i've been listening to npr non-stop), i just really don't know what to say.

deciding to donate is a totally personal decision but i decided i would point out a few nice ways to get involved today ;)

>>> Forever21 is donating 100% of all online sales today (purchases made before 1159pm EST)

>>> you can purchase the above bracelet from Upper Metal Class on etsy and 100% will be donated to the Animal Refuge Kansai, a very worth cause

>>> donations can be made directly to the Red Cross by texting the word REDCROSS to 90999. a $10 donation will be made and will appear on your next phone bill.

all the best lovelies. have a wonderful weekend ;)


  1. <3

    check out my blog and follow me on twitter @zebraandmeerkat x

  2. i saw that about f21- good for them! i hope they made quite a bit of money. read today that a baseball player donated over a million to japan. let's keep our fingers crossed and hope the situation gets better soon!


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