Tuesday, March 8, 2011

the boy and i enjoyed the lovely weather this past saturday and went to the zoo! even though they are slightly sad, i really do love going and seeing all the animals (and learning all about them ;) it is slightly hilarious though to be the only people there without children, but i am probably just as amazed over a gorilla as a three year old.

oh and they had a BABY ORANGUTAN. cutest. animal. ever.

also there was this interesting piece on NPR yesterday about flamingos mysteriously falling from the sky in Siberia (seriously!). check it out! (i heart npr ;)


  1. You have that tote from Infusion!? So. Jealous.

  2. animals are so beautiful...i love spending the day at the zoo here in New York (the Bronx one is the best believe it or not, lol)...they have a nice conservation program..


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