Tuesday, March 8, 2011

weekend casual.

i LOVE the weekend. there's nothing better than sleeping in, enjoying a leisurely brunch, and going food shopping (i LOVE food shopping) on a lazy saturday. these are my current picks for a steller saturday and sunday.

1. valiant tote bag by fabric & handle. this bold purple tote has such a cute adjustable strap and would be perfect for weekend errands.

2. urchin lace sweatshirt by sealmadien. this sweatshirt looks beyond comfy and the screenprinted drawing is perfectly suited to the shirt.

3. deco shell earrings by upper metal class. these earrings would add a little something to any casual outfit. i just love this seller and have been dying to order again from them ;)

4. toms in grey stone-washed twill. so i know these are not very elegant or fashionable shoes, but i don't care when they are as comfy as they are. they are the perfect shoes to slip on after yoga and would look great in this washed out grey.

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