Saturday, March 5, 2011

showing off my martenitsa

i shot some new pics of the Ellsworth cowl in citron yellow today since i have been wearing it non-stop in yellow and wanted to show off its versatility as a perfect accessory for the spring transition ;) and i also get to show off my martenitsa.

and what the heck is this you might ask. my lovely bulgarian co-worker shared her country's tradition of welcoming the spring and hoping for a fruitful harvest by wearing these lovely red and white bracelets. i'm supposed to now wear this bracelet until i see a stork (?) and then tie it to a blooming tree. not sure if there are storks in the tri-state area, but i figure that my friend is having a baby in 4 weeks, so that should count ;)

hooray for march!


  1. Great style dear! Looove the jacket!
    Your blog is soooo inspiring! Following! Follow back? <3

  2. I agree, good style! I am loving your cowls :)


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