Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shop Update

Introducing the cotton jersey series. In order to shake things up and try out some new (warm weather appropriate) materials, I've started working with cotton jersey yarn to make new necklaces and bracelets for the shop.

To start each piece in this series, I first generate the cotton jersey yarn from a repurposed old t-shirt. The yarn is then knit or braided (still using my crochet hook in most cases ;) into a unique style and sometimes mixed with industrial nuts, spacers, or couplers (i've been raiding the local hardware stores). The end result is a completely novel and one of a kind piece. So if you like it, make sure you snap it up! Because once it's gone it's gone. Each piece will be numbered and listed shortly after it's made.

Last night I got 8 new items listed and there are more coming today and over the weeks to come. hope you guys enjoy ;)


  1. i love the black bracelet with golden detail, just gorgeous

    Travel In Style

  2. agreed- love the gold detail! so talented!

  3. What beautiful pieces! I love the first piece, the sky blue necklace - gorgeous! ♥

  4. this is a fabulous DIY. really practical and simple, yet complicated x


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