Friday, April 29, 2011

crazy hats & finally friday

source: vanity fair

ahh the royals never disappoint.
also all attendants of my upcoming wedding are now required to wear hats. i hope they don't mind ;)

gotta say it was really fun to get up and watch this morning while group chatting with my sister and cousin. such a beautiful dress on miss kate! hope everyone had fun watching (and getting a little misty eyed) if that was your thing.

source: Passport magazine

in OTHER NEWS, its friday! tomorrow i'll be heading over to Goat Day at Terrain at Styer's to meet none other than the Beekman boys. funny enough my mother LOVES them and i do too ;) i'm hoping to snag some blaak onion jam and chat about Polka spot. Seriously if that makes no sense to you, you really should check out their show on Planet Green. you won't be disappointed!

What are you up to this weekend?


  1. Misty eyed indeed! It was amazing <3

  2. LOL - I saw those girls this morning when I was getting ready for work ... Yes, those hats are ridiculous! (Ridiculously awesome, that is.)

    PS Jim and I have started watching The Killing - So. Addicting.

  3. Yay - you give those Beakman Boys a resounding hello from me! Take pics to share.

    I enjoyed watching the wedding this morning, and it made me all wistful for my own. Being married and in love is really one of the best things. I hope yours is just as grand and wonderful. :)

    I get to go the the opening of Artists Against AIDs tonight and try to find my paintings amongst the thousands of entries. Then tomorrow we're heading up to the city for Art Chicago. My daughter will be joining us for the first time, and I'm really looking forward to sharing it all with her. So much excitement!

  4. Hats for your wedding would be a fabulous idea~fun!

  5. Oh, the hats! They gave me a nice few chuckles (though personally, I was hoping Elton might have a fascinator of his own - hehe!).

    I did a whole lot of nothing this weekend. Didn't even really feel like the weekend!


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