Tuesday, April 19, 2011

oh poor neglected blog!

man i have been ignoring this blog over the past week! sigh, it has been quite a hectic week though. i started my silkscreening class, successfully locked myself out of my apartment after 14hrs of work and class, hurt my right wrist, potentially suffered a complete quarter life crisis, and got an exciting new position at the teaching center. phew! (and the pretty trees have started blooming here!)

so hang in there with me internet friends. i'll be trying my best to get on here when i can! also i'll be slowly rolling out new spring and summer accessories made in the softest and loveliest 100% organic cotton. check out the new lighter version of the mildred necklace below ;)

the mildred necklace in 100% organic cotton - sky blue

p.s. someone buy these shoes so my broke ass can stop obsessing over them and the tights and dresses they would look so cute with!

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