Wednesday, April 6, 2011

7 little facts about me

so Sarah over at Atlantic Atlantis called me out in her latest post to share 7 random facts about me. love the idea! hopefully this will help everyone get to know me a little bit better ;)

ok here goes:

1. I have 37 first cousins. seriously. my dad was the youngest of 13 children (irish-catholic much?).

2. I'm scared of bikes. this is super lame and i want to get over it. i suffered a pretty serious bicycle-inflicted injury as a child and have only been on a few bikes since. (though when bryan and i were in Berlin i did do the city bike tour because he wanted to. and it was totally awesome until this old lady on the tour totally bit it in the street. see photographic evidence above)

3. I HATE cilantro. it tastes like soap.

4. The first date Bryan (my now fiance) asked me to go on was to a monster truck rally. i'm dead serious. in the end we went out to a movie and panera the night before (and then still went to the monster truck rally the next night - hilarious ;)

5. I cry at everything. including really embarrassing stuff. like reality tv and stories on the radio.

6. I met Dick Clark at an airport when I was younger. he was really rude and not nice at all. new years eve was never the same after this.

7. I started college as a fine arts major and graduated as a double major in biological sciences and psychology. so who knows what i'll be when i grow up ;)

ok, so now I get to pass this along!

i'm going to call out these lovely ladies:
Sasha of What? No Mints.
Chelsea of a lovely, little blog.
Jessica of aberrant moda.
Kate of scientific culture.

you turn ;)


  1. Aw, I'm so glad you played along. ♥

    That picture of you is so pretty!!! You look so carefree (not at all like you've been traumatized by a bike incident as a child, haha). :)

    And I am very much impressed by your double major, it's weird how things change like that. I'm wondering what I'll be when i grow up too.

  2. What a fun post! I will have to write mine up (even though I do schedule blog posts weeks in advance I'll have to sneak this one in there). Too bad about the soapy cilantro thing - it is so tasty!


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