Sunday, April 3, 2011

i would like one of everything please.

1. the knottedrush ring 2. the reticulated cuff bracelet 3. lace small earrings
4. plain weave bracelet 5. octillio small earrings

this weekend i celebrated my friend michelle's bday and decided to pick her up a nice little something. i stopped over at the Bario-Neal studio/shop located in my neighborhood (i was lucky enough to be given a few pieces from them for my last birthday from the lovely fiance ;) and had the best time talking to the jewelry maker and browsing their wonderful collection.

they make the most unique and beautiful jewelry all from 100% reclaimed and recycled metals and then package it all up in those unique little glass jars shown above. it was so fun to stop in and actually see them at work (i even got to see some rough uncut black diamonds!). currently i'm plotting my next purchase but i've highlighted some of their beauties for you ;)

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