Sunday, June 5, 2011

sublime sunday

this morning, bryan and i got our tired and slightly hungover selves out of bed and drove back to philly (but not after trying to eat as much as possible at brunch to feel human again ;) it was a lovely weekend spent in the greenwich, CT area celebrating our friends wedding (bryan was a groomsman and was decked out in a sailboat print bowtie and cummerbund!) but it sure felt wonderful to get back home.

after lounging about for most of the afternoon, we rallied and went and saw the new Woody Allen film: Midnight in Paris. It was really charming and fun and I highly recommend. I also now need to get myself to Paris ASAP. then we headed to south philly for some supremely amazing mexican food. i think i smiled like a goon the entire evening. it was just one of those perfectly amazing nights where i just feel completely and utterly happy ;)

hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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