Friday, June 10, 2011

have a wonderful weekend ;)

(isn't this photo by tamgutlich beautiful?)

after what seemed like the longest week ever, i am so happy that it is finally the weekend ;) saturday is going to be low key and i'm hoping to be super productive and get a bunch of work done. sunday, we have plans for brunch with my sister and her boyfriend at one of my most favorite philly restaurants and i cannot wait (brunch is by far my favorite meal).

i'm also vowing to start taking more photos. i used to spend way too much time in the darkroom during high school and college and it's so sad that i have hardly taken any photographs in recent years. (i used to love love taking double exposed photos like the one shown above) now that i have a nice camera that i use for product photos there really is no excuse. so starting this weekend i'm going to bring the camera with me and see what happens.

i hope everyone has lovely weekend plans!

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