Thursday, June 23, 2011

my name is jess and i'm a cat person

there seems to be such a sharp distinction between those who are dog people and those who are cat people. dog people seem to be thought of as normal even when their relationship with their pet is anything but. i feel like cat people on the other hand are quickly pigeon-holed into crazy lady town just for merely mentioning that they indeed own a cat. maybe i'm a little defensive, but i also have to admit to not really liking dogs that much (something i can hardly utter out loud without causing an uproar). clearly each pet species has its unique and wonderful qualities and these differences seem to be strong enough to segregate people into rival camps.

recently my friend forwarded me this hilarious article from the NY Times just about this exact issue. it's totally worth the read, so i recommend checking out the link below ;)

here's an excerpt:

Sloane Crosley - "Cat People are People Too"
"The upside to cat ownership is proximity to a sense of dignity, intelligence and lack of garish behavior. The downside is that a cat is something hidden, a secret that needs confessing as the doorknob turns. "By the way, I’ve been to the doctor and it turns out … I have a cat."

1 comment:

  1. I don't think it usually makes women look strange, but my boyfriend is super defensive about being a cat person since they're not a "manly" type of pet, lol.


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