Thursday, June 30, 2011

beach day

as part of our continuing vacation, bryan and i decided to head down to Rehoboth Beach, DE on wednesday to make sure we could get in a little beach time this summer. my aunt has always had a house there so i've grown up going to this beach and i still get so excited everytime i get to visit. it was a really beautiful (but HOT) day; those lovely chocolate dipped ice cream cones lasted just about long enough to photograph before they melted and got all over us. we were able to regroup and then i was able to kick bryan's ass at the horse race game, but sadly had no luck at frog bog this year...

we capped off the day trip with a visit to the Dogfishead brewpub (seriously we sound like alcoholics at this point...) to drink some delicious cold beers and pick up some seriously discounted packs for the road ;) all and all a perfect beach outing.

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