Wednesday, June 15, 2011

six months later & SALE

6 months ago, i opened up my little shop over at etsy and little did i know how great an experience it all would be. not only have i been able to share my little creations with everyone, but i've also gotten to know this wonderful and supportive online community (i mean i'm even on twitter now, did not think that would ever happen...)

all of this also came at a time when i really needed it. i've mentioned before, but i've been going through a hard time with trying to finish graduate school. also i had recently moved to philadelphia to be with my wonderful fiance. while i love the city and living here, i now have a sizable commute and still have found it hard to make local friends. so etsy, this blog, twitter, and especially all of you have really helped me through and it's been a lot of fun ;)

so thanks everyone for making the last six months awesome and i pretty excited to see where things go in the future ;)

as a special thanks, i'm offering 20% OFF my whole shop (only until this sunday), just enter 20THANKS at checkout ;)


  1. congrats lovely lady!!! keep up the fabulous work & i'll be in touch shortly about the trunk show! :)

  2. hurray! I didnt realize it had been just 6 months. you go girl :)


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