Monday, June 13, 2011

my weekend in photos

this weekend was pretty great and involved a lot of yummy food and relaxation. On saturday Bryan and I hunted down Jose Garces's taco truck - Guapos Tacos and then picked up a delicious arrangement of beers before heading back home. we watched the movie The Station Agent, which i highly recommend. its a nice simple movie about people and i couldn't have enjoyed it more. then we got a wonderful late dinner that involved beer cocktails (!) and very delicious cheese plate.

sunday was laid back too. we had brunch and then my sister and i were on bridesmaid duty, addressing 60 bridal shower invites for my cousin (our family is so big!). later Bryan and i went food shopping and then remembered we had tickets to see Kurt Vile in sauna (technically it was in a church basement, but it seriously felt like a sweat lodge).

hope everyone had an equally enjoyable weekend! i've got to get through this weekend before a week of glorious vacation ;)

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