Thursday, May 5, 2011

what i'll be wearing

1. merona wrap on clearance at Target
2. filament hoops from Anthropologie
3. rhythmic repetition dress from anthropologie
4. aztec clutch from piperlime
5. patent grey peeptoes from zappos

my cousin is getting married this weekend and i'm pretty excited for all the merriment and dancing. including me, there are 5 weddings in my family in this year alone! combined with the numerous weddings of our friends, means that bryan and i have a very busy wedding season this year ;)

this past weekend i realized that i had absolutely nothing to wear to this wedding or any of the upcoming ones, so i should probably get myself to the store and find something pronto! thank goodness for Anthropologie, not only did i find the cute dress shown above, it fit perfectly! (along with another cute dress on clearance that i couldnt resist ;) a trip to target and perusing on zappos helped me to complete the outfit and i'm pretty excited to wear it all on saturday so i thought i would share it with all of you. sadly i was not as on top of things so i'm not sure what bag i'll bring with me and now i'm wishing i had found that cute clutch about a week earlier...

i've still got about 8 more weddings to go to so hopefully i'll get to pick up some more pretty frocks this summer ;) where are your favorite go to shops for party outfits?


  1. For "higer end" party dresses, I like J.Crew and Banana Republic.

    For a good deal, I like Charlotte Russe, Forever21, and Target.

    I hear of people whose summers are filled with weddings. I've only ever been to two (and one of those was my own!) I need to get on some more guest lists!


  2. Dear God ... That is a LOT of weddings! Very pretty get-up :) Weddings can be fun sporadically, but I think I would want to die if I had to attend that many in one year :P

  3. OMG - I love that dress! If you buy it, please take a pic, so I can live vicariously. :)

  4. That dress is SO PRETTY! I can't wait to see the pictures, what a beautiful outfit. ♥


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