Tuesday, May 24, 2011

as we continue to plan...

yes! i am still actively planning my upcoming wedding and i like to think that things are going well (thanks so much for asking ;). we recently got the save the dates completed and out the door (after much agonizing over the guest list - who knew narrowing a list to just 200 people could be so stressful?). but i think they came out really well and i'd love to share ;)

we used my usual camera and remote set up and took the pictures ourselves and then sent them over to the lovely Alaina of CheerupCherup designs (who we are also using for our wedding invitations and i could not recommend her more!)

so i guess they are part DIY and part hire someone that knows what they are doing ;) i think i always thought i would be more hands on and make a lot of the stuff for my wedding but once you start planning you can easily see how overwhelming it all can be. do you think it's feasible to have an entire DIY weddding? would you/did you make your own invitations?

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