Tuesday, May 31, 2011

hot days & a cool drink

well hello SUMMER. so glad you could stop by early and bring a lovely wave of sweltering 90+ degree days to the tri-state area! rarr. so yeah, it is HOT. really HOT. and i'm really not the biggest fan of it, sighhhhh.

BUT i did have a pretty awesome memorial day weekend and hope (if you are stateside) that you did too ;) i danced my little heart out at this big reunions party on friday and enjoyed BBQs with friends the rest of the days.

today, i had a very nice extra day off and enjoyed it by getting quite a bit of work done including shipping off some bracelets to a shop in nyc (!!!) and getting some of my new tie-dyed creations listed in the shop (see them all HERE).

but it was another hot day and i mixed up that nice little cocktail seen above to help cool off ;) so here's my little twist on a gin and tonic to help you stay refreshed these summer days!

minty fresh gin & tonic

- muddle fresh mint and 2 fresh cucumber slices in the bottom of your glass
- add copious amounts of ice
- add gin (amount depends on the day you are having ;)
- bring to desired volume with tonic water
- garnish with some pretty mint leaves


1 comment:

  1. I'm not a gin person, but that sounds really good!


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