Sunday, May 22, 2011

turning hipster

so it has happened slowly, but i think that i can safely say that bryan and i have adopted some hipster tendencies. we live in south philadelphia which boasts it's own small pocket of happy bearded bespectacled hipsters, craft beer, and irony. this struck me last time i gazed at the closet and realized just how many plaid shirts bryan (and i) have come to acquire in a short time. also it is embarrassing to report, but on more than one occasion i have shown up to work dressed almost identically to the authentic brooklyn hipster that works in the lab next to me (i'm not sure who this should trouble more, me or him?)

i'm not wholly resistant to this, it is just kind of funny to see how quickly one will adapt to their surroundings. i had a pretty hilarious brief conversation with Paul Buller (the creator of Hipster Bingo pictured above - check out his site here) at the recent Art Star Craft Bazaar here in philly about just how sneaky this whole transformation can be and whether or not mustaches were now in (seriously i am seeing them everywhere at an alarming rate... eek).

so have you found yourself blending adopting local trends? suddenly dressing like your friends? is hipster culture spreading outside of east coast cities?


  1. Haha! Jim calls me a hipster sometimes - I try not to overly indulge in their tendencies but I do love a good pair of glasses and a well-fit skinny jean ... :)

  2. So the hipster thing... I don't know what truly qualifies someone as "hipster" but... my favorite bars to go to are hipster bars(the music is awesome and the beer is cheap!)(The Barbary in Fishtown on Monday nights is the place to be!) I love a good plaid shirt... and my glasses are large plastic rims... but hey! It's fun! :)



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