Thursday, May 19, 2011

oh hello there

man oh man i am bad at posting these days! the whole blogger blackout really bummed me out because for the first time i had planned out posts and worked ahead of time on them ;( but it's ok i shall shake it off and move forward!

so who's seen Bridesmaids? i saw it last night with my sister (my own maid of honor) and i basically laughed so hard i cried. it's been kind of a crazy week so i really needed it ;) anyways, like everyone else is raving about the movie, just go see it. don't over think it (it wont change the world) and just celebrate the fact that women actually are hilarious and can write and star in a somehow completely heartfelt and raunchy comedy.

and i promise i will be back and blogging full force once this completely hectic week dies down a little.

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