Wednesday, May 11, 2011

celebrating my 1 year anniversary

exactly a year ago, i finally got to pack up all of my belongings and move to philadelphia. it's been a wonderful year in my favorite city and i'm so relieved to no longer live out of an overnight bag and cry when i realized i left my favorite shoes back at my place in NJ (bryan was lucky enought to have a 4 year head start living in philly). of course, i will admit that my commute is long (sometimes phillies game traffic makes me want to abandon my car and run the rest of the way home) and it's kind of impossible to make new friends once you reach adulthood (isn't it true, how do you make new friends if they aren't co-workers?!).

but i wouldn't trade any of it. it's such a delight to finally live with my fiance and i couldn't love our neighborhood with its old brick houses and tree lined streets any more than i already do.

so here's to us, philly. i'm hoping for many more happy years together ;)

1 comment:

  1. congrats on your philliversary, jess! i too am a transplant... i moved from cincinnati five years ago & am so glad i did. ♥


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