Thursday, August 11, 2011


as i have said before, amongst other things, i am a scientist. i'm in graduate school and i work in a malaria lab (sadly this sounds cooler than it actually is these days...)

so i thoroughly enjoyed this school project where 7th graders were asked to draw and write descriptions of scientists before and after actually visiting a lab. hilarious.

this is my favorite description and pretty much sums me up.

"When I think of a scientist I think of brainy and very weird people. I think of lots of bottles with chemicals in them. I think of explosions with chemicals. I think of tiny little disks with data information on them. I think of little gadgets that are used for things that I do not know what they are."

haha or not.

check out all the drawings here: Drawings of Scientists

oh and there was scientist identification test over at NY Times this week: Name That Scientist and i totally scored a seriously sweet 7/10 on this.

boooyah. nerd pride.

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