Tuesday, August 30, 2011

hurricane hello & tuesday tunes (karaoke edition!)

oh hello there! sorry for my absence and total fail at finishing up the August Break strong. SAD FACE.

so this big ole storm rolled into town over the weekend and it mostly just meant that i got to stay in my apartment alone with my cat wondering if i really should have made Bryan take the AC unit out of the window before he went to work... luckily no one in south philly was crushed by a storm blown AC unit and i still got to keep cool while being all domestic and baking a quiche and crocheting. over all the storm damage was minimal in my parts and i only had to go cable-less for a day or so (thank goodness for Netflix and all the illegal streaming on the interwebs that finally caught me up on this season of True Blood ;) sadly most of the roads that get me to work though are still under water so i got an extra day off this week and it took me roughly a million years to get to work this morning... c'est la vie.

anyways, i thought i would celebrate tuesday tunes with some of my most favorite karaoke songs. i can in no way carry a tune (and neither can my other half) but that does not stop us from getting up and singing. so enjoy these lovely mostly 80s tunes and give them a spin next time you find yourself in chinatown or koreatown after a few beers ;)

(photo sources: NASA and pinterest)

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