Monday, August 1, 2011

on engagement rings

this weekend bryan and i headed up to NYC to meet with the amazing jewelry designer that made my engagement ring to talk about our wedding bands. (you must check out her lovely work HERE) and while we were there another couple came in to discuss engagement rings.

before bryan and i got engaged we had discussed briefly the kind of rings i liked and some specifics i was looking for. i knew that i had wanted yellow gold which few girls do and that i really liked the idea of having a handmade ring and had pointed out a couple designers that i liked. it was all really vague though and in the end he worked with Sarah to design a ring that i absolutely love and fits me really well (along with pulling off a seriously surprising and sweet proposal).

as we sat in this small studio with a very different couple, i was a little taken a back by the very dominant role the girl was taking in designing her ring (the guy said about two words total while we were there and she clearly knew exactly what she wanted). now i'm not saying that this a bad thing, it's just very different from what i wanted.

so what do you think? would you (or did you) pick out an engagement ring together or would you rather be surprised? i could think of few things worse than having to admit you don't really like the ring!

picture source: style me pretty


  1. Hey Jess!

    I gave him the general idea of what I wanted, but I left it up to him. I love my ring. It is a simple, round solitaire with a platinum band, and then my wedding band is actually white gold with 10 little diamonds across the front of the band. I didn't even bother getting them fused together. I like them like that. :)

    I can't imagine someone being so demanding about their ring. It is just a symbol of the love two people will share forever, and there should be more importance on the relationship than on others perception of your relationship based on the impression left by the ring. Does that make sense?

    Hope the rest of your week is beautiful, Jess!

  2. love this post! (and i want to see more photos of your ring!)

    erik managed to surprise me with a super sweet proposal (despite lengthy discussions about marriage in the weeks beforehand), and completely knocked it out of the park with a ring that he did completely.

    erik got my ring completely on his own - he did his homework + found bario neal jewelers here in south philly, where he worked with them to tweak a setting they had to incorporate my birthstone (sapphire) and a stunning little ethically-sourced diamond. so he knew me well enough to find the perfect ring, and i knew him well enough to know that he'd want to do that himself and that he'd come up with something perfect for me + amazing.

    that said, i'm really excited about going to talk about bands (likely with bario neal, since i'm so in love with my ring) together. so sweet!

  3. we found it together in an antique store :)

  4. and we cried and the shop owner (very tough) cried and other customers cried. it was wonderful.


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