Wednesday, August 31, 2011

deep breaths...

sometimes your day is not going to start off great (it will take you a little under TWO HOURS to get to work because trucks flip over).
sometimes you will have to work with people that are completely fine with making you do all the work (and you will do it all - and do it WELL - because that is just in your nature).
and sometimes you won't get to spend just one weekend with your best friend in MONTHS because you both work too hard.

so then sometimes you just need to stare at pretty pictures of far off serene places (like Milos island in Greece) and make a mental note to go there someday because, oh man, you will have earned it.
photo source


  1. I know exactlllllly what you mean - sometimes you've got to just take a deep breath and power through. Be sure to make some 'me' time!!!

    - Lindsay

  2. I feel your pain. Like Lindsay said, you have to push through and keep on truckin'. Definitely make time for yourself! LIFE IS SO HECTIC SOMETIMES, SERIOUSLY!!!! But, it will calm down! :) I hope all is well lovely lady!


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