Friday, September 23, 2011

i'm still here!


sorry for the disappearing act most of this week. i've been under the weather due to the allergies and insane sinusitis i've been battling for a little while now and i'm trying everything in my power to get better before that big day that is looming in the very very near future (2 weeks! ahh!) this even means i've been doing my doctors tell me! unfortunately this means i finally start my prednisone (steroid) pack and find myself WIDE AWAKE and unable to sleep at 230am, grand.

this then leads to a very random post, filled with a very wonderful and random collection of things i wish to share with all of you..

1. are you aware the nicholas cage is a vampire?

2. Genius awards were announced this week and sadly i have been overlooked again... (yay for Jad!)

3. the emmys happened and i loved this dress on anna faris (also her hubbies is too cute)

4. know what time it is?

5. also i got a pumpkin spice latte the other day and it was like $4.70. (why must you be so cruel starbucks... stop charging me extra for soy)

6. fall tv premieres have arrived and my couch potato ass is in heaven :) happy to have Parks & Rec back and currently digging The New Girl and Up All Night as new shows. any others i should check out?

7. one week left for the celebratory 18% OFF sale over at my etsy shop! also i'm only 11 sales away from 100! how crazy is that? everyone is the best EVER.

8. oh and thats just a random photo that i took when i was at Terrain last week ;)

thank goodness the weekend is almost here!

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