Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day :)

I hope that you all have a lovely valentine's day! i've decided to actually put a dress on for work today to celebrate the occasion (seriously, this is ground breaking stuff, haha). sadly my valentine is on call tonight so i'm thinking me and the cat will snuggle up and watch a nice rom com after work ;) i hope you all have more exciting plans than me! (i'm thinking it might have been nice to have back-up this year in the form of boyfriend in a bottle ;)

also i've been working on new crocheted bow belts. still working out the kinks, but i'm going to debut my own with my dress today. hopefully they will get in the shop soon. i'm just finding it hard to navigate custom sizes and i'm still testing out different methods of closure. i think i've settled on and eye and hook, but its hard to make it look somewhat nice ;) sometimes i wish i had a better foundation in sewing! but i knotted the belt itself, which is cute and also allows for some size customization.

also these love stories on the etsy blog today are so sweet!

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