Wednesday, February 9, 2011

guilty pleasures.

my current vices.
i just LOVE ciao bella passion fruit sorbet. i seriously need to stop buying it because it keeps disappearing a little too quickly... and while i can't eat it, mango body butter from the body shop seriously smells and feels so divine. thank goodness they had the jumbo size on special yesterday so i could order more ;)

and i will totally admit that i still love gossip girl. who doesn't want to dress like blair?? and the allegro (whole foods brand) green tea with pomegranate has been a life saver while i've been sick. its absolutely delicious with copious amounts of honey (did you know that honey not only soothes a sore throat but has antimicrobial properties?).

ok lovelies, i'm home sick again today but im determined to rest up and feel better! i'm off to grab a wellness tea from the cute shop around the corner. i'm gonna bring my yarn along and work on some new designs :)

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