Monday, February 7, 2011

wedding dreams.

aren't these flowers beautiful?
and they are made of paper! i saw them on Martha Stewart today and couldn't get over how lovely they were. i would love to have such beautiful arrangements on my wedding day. and the best part, they would last forever!

hmm if only i could afford custom floral design from the green vase...


  1. these are paper?? did she say how to make them? theyre lovely. I found ur site thru a newbie forum and ur etsy items are lovely. One day i will re-learn to crochet. my mom once taught me as a child but i dont remember much :( I have yet to open my shop but congrats and much success to yours!! :)

  2. thanks so much! she did show how to make them on martha but i think it all begins with the paper she used, which was beautiful and hand dyed. i think there's probably instructions on the martha website ;)


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