Wednesday, November 16, 2011

honeymoon part 1 - Positano

i've been trying to get together a post with some photos from our honeymoon for some time, but with 800+ photos it has been a little hard to get a handle on it all! so i'm going to break it into a few posts and try not to be super overwhelming.

we were lucky enough to spend almost two weeks in Italy for our honeymoon and we stayed in Positano on the Amalfi Coast for the first week. we rented an apartment which was pretty amazing (once we were able to find it of course). Positano was a wonderful town to be based in and allowed for day trips to other sights in the area. the weather was great and i think i carb loaded like never before (wine, pasta, and bread oh my!).

our cute little apartment with the most wonderful balcony & view

photo taken from the main Spaggia beach

ate lots of fresh buffalo mozzarella which is made exclusively in the region and always washed it down with locally made limoncello (love the shot of the new wedding ring ;)

We really loved the small town and i can even forgive the hundreds of steps i had to climb every day to get around it. Since we visited at the end of the season it was quiet and easy to explore without crowds being a problem. On the second day in Positano we went on a walking tour led by an Australian ex-pat who has found herself living in the town after marrying a local (the very handsome Vincenzo). She had a great love of the town and its people and it was a really fun way to experience the town, especially when we got to sample lots of local food and drink.

we took a scenic boat trip out to the Emerald Grotto near Amalfi. honestly one of the most hilarious "tour guides" i've ever encountered is the guide that steers the row boat inside the grotto.

Pompeii was amazing and a true nerd's paradise. we had no idea how gigantic the site was and how much had been excavated! we spent over 5 hours here and no doubt didn't see it all. It was easily reached by bus and train even if the schedules didn't match up at all.

I'll be back soon with parts 2 and 3 ;)


  1. OMG. Gorgeous!! The scene from your balcony is just heavenly ...

  2. ohhh your so lucky!!! Looks fabulous


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