Thursday, November 24, 2011

happy thanksgiving!

i hope everyone (in america) has the best thanksgiving ;)

it is truly my favorite holiday since it is solely about food and family. today we are pulling double duty and having meals with both my family and the husband's (so i am thinking loose fitting clothing...)

it has been such a wonderful year and i am so thankful for everyone in my life. this year not only did i get to marry my best friend, but i also got to share in that same happiness for four of my cousins. i also got to see some of the people that mean the most to me do some really amazing things and be a part of their joy. i can't even imagine what the new year holds, but i'm already thankful for it.

so it's time for me to finish up cooking, watch the parade, and then head out for a wonderful day!
i hope you all get to do the same.

all the best, jess

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  1. Ahhh the holiday hop-around - We've been doing that the past 2 years - Our record was 3 houses on Christmas day (Never doing that again ...)! Enjoy the holiday and eat a lot (I know I will be!) - Happy Thanksgiving to you and Bryan!


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