Friday, November 18, 2011

friday finds - early gift ideas

1. patterned hand knitted mittens by Art of Handicrafts
seriously love these pretty knit mittens, they would look so cute with so many different colored winter coats ;)

2. DIY penguin kit by Cythia Treen Studio

great gift idea for the busy person in your life that wishes they had more time for crafts. what an adorable end product!

3. Hand draped cloche cap by Behida Dolic Millinery
i love hats and this one is just beyond gorgeous. would rock that pretty much every winter.

4. reindeer christmas shirt by kay em kay

absolutely love this. for the festive.

5. plaid gadget wallet by rockitbot

sometimes you just need something super functional. great in plaid.

i am trying to get a jump start on holiday shopping... still in denial that thanksgiving is next week though! thank goodness for the internet ;)

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