Sunday, October 30, 2011


it appears that i brought back some sort of evil head cold with me from Italy (or at least from one of the 3 flights i was on coming home). i seem to have forgotten just how terrible the common cold can really be, sigh. should be fun to go back to work after 2.5 weeks off tomorrow only operating at 20% (yes, even though i am crazy sick i still would feel too guilty to not at least show up at work tomorrow - lame).

but anyway, ever since i was a kid the ultimate comfort food that always makes me feel better when i am sick is grilled cheese and tomato soup. when i was young it used to be a very simple affair comprised of white bread with american cheese. the excitement now is making some seriously decadent incarnations with different combinations of cheese (like gruyere and swiss) on seriously crusty yummy bread. does it really get any better than dunking a giant grilled sandwich of happiness into warm soup? sigh, i'm starting to feel better already just thinking about it.

and if you are so inspired there's a great guide to grilled cheese over at Martha
(where else would you even look?)

does grilled cheese do it for you? what's your favorite comfort food?

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  1. You've gotta try sharp cheddar with a smear of pesto with or without a little goat cheese in there. The BEST!

    Hope you feel better soon.


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